Being in possession of information about potential risks and opportunities before they happen is crucial for any company about to enter into a major business transaction, and requires thorough analysis.

Intelex’s large network of researchers, analysts and professional investigators, which extends to every major financial and business center in the world, can provide investigative due diligence, business intelligence, and background information, domestically and internationally, on virtually any business entity, organization and business sector. Only by conducting extensive inquiries beforehand can a company ensure it is making the right business decision.

In some instances, Intelex will uncover information which will cause you to walk away from a pending transaction. Other times, the information provided will help you to structure a more appropriate deal or negotiate a transaction more effectively. Usually, Intelex will provide you with the information necessary to complete the transaction with confidence.

Integrated use of these reports not only frees up your staff so they can focus on the business of making investments, they also provide a level of professional due diligence that limits your liability, provides you with an objective third-party view of a target company and helps keep your professional reputation secure.