Information. Timely and accurate. It is this critical element that determines the outcome of every legal battle. Whether you are pursuing litigation, arbitration, mediation or are simply contemplating a legal action, you require information and intelligence at every stage. Intelex’s global network of investigators, researchers and analysts work closely with outside and inside counsel to achieve a successful result for our clients.

Intelex’s comprehensive intelligence gathering can help businesses and legal strategists decide whether to sue, go to trial or employ alternative dispute resolution, or whether, and at what level, to negotiate a settlement. No matter what your needs, whether background investigations, surveillance operations, comprehensive public records research, asset tracing and recovery, bankruptcy investigations or locating and interviewing key witnesses, Intelex is ready to act.

Intelex’s professional staff guarantees your firm legally admissible and professional evidence, allowing for informed decisions. In addition, our advanced indexing and cross-referencing techniques for case management, assures that your trial, settlement conferences or decisions will be conducted with all pertinent information available to you and your trial managers.