Mr. Cherry is a business intelligence specialist with a broad background in the investigative, financial due diligence and physical security fields. He has conducted and managed a wide range of projects throughout the world, drawing upon his diverse experience and his many professional affiliations. Mr. Cherry has also lectured and authored articles on physical security, physical surveillance, photographic intelligence in business intelligence applications and financial due diligence.

MARCELA SLAVIKOVA – Managing Partner

Ms. Slavikova manages Intelex’s Investigative and Behavioral Sciences Division. Ms. Slavikova graduated Summa Cum Laude from a combined BA/MA program in Forensic Psychology from John Jay College of Criminal Justice. Ms. Slavikova has a second Master’s degree in Criminal Justice, with a dual specialization in Criminology and Investigative Techniques. As a researcher, Ms. Slavikova has presented her research at various local and international conferences. She is currently preparing a white paper on procedural errors in homicide investigations, which will also be submitted for presentations at various conferences and for publication in relevant journals.

FRANK L. GALLI – Director of Security Operations

Mr. Galli is a security and research specialist with twenty years combined experience in Military Intelligence and Investigative Research. A specialist in electronic information gathering and open source intelligence, Mr. Galli has applied these skills to a wide range of operations and has been instrumental in uncovering fraud within the corporate, insurance and financial communities. He has been responsible for the planning and managing of complex surveillance operations throughout the United States and currently works as a training consultant to various military special operations units.

KRYSTA DAVIES FOSS – Business Intelligence Specialist

Ms. Foss has worked as an intelligence analyst and research specialist in Europe, the United States, and Canada. She has a Masters in Intelligence and International Relations, and her experience ranges from counterterrorism and WMD work for governments and an international defense company, to management positions with strategy and competitive intelligence organizations, to corporate intelligence/due diligence work with one of the world’s Big Four accounting firms.

ROBERT P. ALLEN – Security Specialist

Mr. Allen has over twenty years experience in designing and implementing all aspects of physical and electronic security systems, including a variety of access control systems. He has provided professional assistance in the design of integrated security systems and implemented state-of-the-art technology for national and Fortune 500 firms, specializing in low profile systems in high value and sensitive facilities. He is adept at researching and ensuring compliance with local and state fire codes, recommending further compliance in regard to OSHA and ADA standards.