A New York brokerage house had heard rumors from its clients that a Canadian energy stock was nothing more than a boiler room fraud. Concerned for the financial welfare of its clients, the firm asked Intelex to research it.

Intelex researched the company and its principals, to understand who really was behind the company. In addition, Intelex researched the “new technology” that the company was offering to determine its viability.

Intelex was first able to determine that the “new technology” the company was pushing was non-existent and, in all probability, wouldn’t be available in the near future. Intelex ultimately traced the principals back to a stock manipulation scheme that originated out of Russia. After the client was made aware of the situation, Intelex worked with investigators in the Untied States, Canada, and Russia to provide the information necessary to begin a prosecution. The individuals were deported back to Russia.


A United States manufacturing firm with a factory in Tijuana was being broken into and vandalized on a regular basis. In addition, the company was being harassed by local government officials with ties to a local Mexican company that was a direct competitor to our client. Intelex was brought in to help in these areas.

Intelex completed a comprehensive security survey of the factory, identifying and eventually fixing several areas of concern. Intelex also conducted a physical and electronic countermeasures sweep of the factory and located eavesdropping devices on two of the company’s phone lines. In addition, through a series of interviews, Intelex was able to identify two individuals who had been providing proprietary information to the company’s Mexican competition.

Because of Intelex’s efforts, our client was able to secure their company against not only petty vandalism but also against the more serious threat of industrial espionage. In addition, Intelex worked with the client and acted as a liaison between our client and both the Mexican and US governments. As a result, those officials who were working on behalf of our client’s competitor were removed from their posts and the harassment ended.