What happens when you ask a simple question and get so much information that you can’t sort through it, let alone evaluate it, determine its trustworthiness, or understand it well enough to act on it? What do you do when you realize that having too much information is no better than having too little?

Intelex understands that you are not interested in simply filling files. You don’t need information, you need answers. That is why although we do have staff who specialize in the gathering of electronic information, we are not an “Info Broker.” Our success is based on a team of mobile, highly-trained personnel who are able to focus on the human element and adapt to a multitude of situations.

Intelex’s analysts are involved in every assignment from beginning to end. By continually analyzing and evaluating the information gathered, Intelex is able to shape the investigation and stay focused on the client’s needs. Once the investigative work has been concluded, Intelex performs qualitative and quantitative analysis of data gathered from all sources. When appropriate, Intelex will estimate future patterns and conditions, based on our research and experienced judgment. Intelex will conduct multiple edits and reviews of the finished document for coherence, relevance, and impact.