China – An international software company was concerned about its products being pirated in Hong Kong and then sold on the open market.

Intelex worked with investigators in Hong Kong to determine which pirating outfits were illegally copying the client’s materials. Once this was established, a sting operation was conducted to gather the evidence necessary to prove the crime and prosecute the criminals.

Working with officials in Hong Kong, Intelex was able to establish and prove the theft of intellectual property and the operation was eventually shut down.

India – An international pharmaceutical firm headquartered in the United States was in the planning stages of launching a campaign to bring advanced wound care to developing nations. To determine the viability of the program, the firm wanted to first know what the competition was doing in this area.

Intelex conducted a benchmarking study of the firm’s top three competitors in seven developing countries, including India and Mexico. The study was structured to reveal what these competitors were doing in those countries at that time and what their future plans might be.

Intelex was able to show that the firm’s top three competitors were not bringing advanced biologic dressings and other forms of advanced wound care to developing nations. Intelex was also able to document one of the competition’s efforts in this area and why continued efforts were abandoned. Because of Intelex’s research, the client decided not to move forward, at that time, with the planned program.

Indonesia – A prestigious West Coast law firm was arranging a joint venture for one of its clients with a high profile Indonesian company. The law firm was concerned over the political stability of the region, particularly since the President of the Indonesian company was involved in Indonesia’s political system.

Intelex conducted a Corporate Profile on the Indonesian company and an Executive Profile of its President. In addition, Intelex conducted a Political Risk Estimate for the country of Indonesia with emphasis on our subject.

Intelex forecasted a certain amount of instability in the region and accurately assessed the role of the company’s President. As a result of Intelex’s research, the client held off on arranging the joint venture until the situation stabilized.

Israel – A large New York investment bank was preparing a private placement for an Israeli computer firm. Intelex was tasked with performing a routine due diligence study on the company and its principals.

Intelex performed a Corporate Profile on the company and Executive Profiles on each of its principals, including the company’s Chief Executive Officer.

During the course of its research, Intelex was able to determine that the company’s CEO had a very damaging professional reputation in Israel. The New York investment firm realized that a private placement would not be possible with this individual at the helm and restructured the deal to move forward with a new CEO.

Japan – A US manufacturing firm was interested in moving some of its production capabilities overseas. In particular, they were considering partnering with a Japanese firm that already manufactured products in the same industry. Intelex was asked to perform a routine due diligence study on the Japanese company.

Working with investigators in Japan, Intelex completed a Corporate Profile on the company as well as Executive Profiles on its key management.

Intelex was able to provide the information necessary for its client to proceed with the transaction with confidence. In addition, the information gathered by Intelex allowed the client to negotiate better terms.

Russia – A New York brokerage house had heard rumors from its clients that a Canadian energy stock was nothing more than a boiler room fraud. Concerned for the financial welfare of its clients, the firm asked Intelex to research it.

Intelex researched the company and its principals, to understand who really was behind the company. In addition, Intelex researched the “new technology” that the company was offering to determine its viability.

Intelex was first able to determine that the “new technology” the company was pushing was non-existent and, in all probability, wouldn’t be available in the near future. Intelex ultimately traced the principals back to a stock manipulation scheme that originated out of Russia. After the client was made aware of the situation, Intelex worked with investigators in the Untied States, Canada, and Russia to provide the information necessary to begin a prosecution. The individuals were deported back to Russia.