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Common Causes of M&A Failures

Mergers and Acquisitions are inherently risky business transactions. An estimated 83% of M&As fail to provide shareholder value. Although there are many reasons for this high failure rate, here are a few common causes that thorough due diligence process, thoughtful strategy and responsive can planning address. Inadequate Due Diligence This one might seem obvious, but… Read more »

AT&T’s Time Warner Takeover is Back on Track

Almost exactly two years after shareholders approved the deal, AT&T’s acquisition of Time Warner is finally complete. A three-judge panel from the federal appeals court in the District of Columbia upheld a lower court’s ruling that the deal did not violate any antitrust laws. The judgment allowed the acquisition to proceed with no additional conditions…. Read more »

Cybersecurity Issues Increase Due Diligence Complexity

In 2016, Yahoo! sold its core business to Verizon for $4.8 billion. This was a far cry from Yahoo!’s peak valuation of about $125 billion, but the final buyout value included a $350 million markdown due to the discovery of a Yahoo! data breach prior to the deal. This last-minute markdown was the final blow… Read more »