What you don’t know can hurt you. It can hurt your bottom line, increase your exposure to liability and damage your professional reputation. For the lender, underwriter or equity participant concerned with minimizing these risks, Intelex’s Due Diligence Reports ensure that, if there are skeletons in a company’s closet, you will know about them.

Intelex offers a cost-effective program that provides comprehensive background information and extensive due diligence regarding entrepreneurs, corporations and other entities seeking to finance. You receive a detailed report, providing the facts necessary to reduce risk and increase profits. Our process probes deep beneath the surface to examine past business relationships, assets and hidden liabilities, criminal and civil litigation, regulatory actions, professional reputation, non-disclosure of material facts and much more.

Because these reports have been tailored to the needs of the investment community, they are unique in their ability to mitigate risk. Every Intelex report comes complete with all supporting documentation presented in a format specifically designed for use by your General Counsel. This attention to detail provides an unparalleled quality of reporting that cannot be found anywhere else.