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  • Consulting

    By utilizing Intelex’s Pre-Deal Intelligence Reports, you are better able to understand the target, as well as the environment in which it operates, thereby reducing risk and increasing your rate of success.

  • Due Diligence

    Intelex offers a cost-effective program that provides comprehensive background information and extensive due diligence regarding entrepreneurs, corporations and other entities seeking to finance.

  • Investigative

    In response to increasing customer demand, Intelex, Ltd. formed Intelex Investigative Services, a fully licensed and bonded private investigative agency. Click learn more to find out more information.

Collecting, Researching and Producing Timely and High-Quality Intelligence

With the economic stage turned global, strategic alliances among corporations rival those of nation states in their importance in providing both political and economic stability.

Just as with governments, forming the wrong alliance, entering into the wrong merger, or taking on the wrong acquisition can lead to the fall of any corporate empire.

As leaders of nations turn increasingly to intelligence for help in navigating these rough waters, so must leaders of industry.

Since 1992, Intelex has been collecting, researching and producing timely and high-quality intelligence for the corporate and financial communities. We measure our success by our contribution to the protection and enhancement of industry, as well as to the professional leaders who drive it.

Global Due Diligence

intelex maintains a strong global capability. To date we have completed assignments in over thirty countries around the globe, including countries in Western and Eastern Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Latin America. When a prominent government investment fund decided to select a firm to handle its due diligence needs, one of their primary concerns was the ability to operate worldwide. One of the reasons they selected Intelex was due to our proven record around the world.

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