Intelex, Ltd. Announces New Office in Stamford, CT

Expanding into a new office and new market space at Stamford Landing.

Stamford, September 10, 2012: Intelex, Ltd., a leading investigative due diligence and business intelligence firm, has expanded its base of operations with new office space at the Stamford Landing.

“We were looking not simply for a new office, but for a facility that could accommodate future growth, while still providing a full range of exemplary services and a comfortable work environment,” said Intelex’s President, Matthew J. Cherry. Mr. Cherry went on to say, “The BLT Business Centers at Stamford Landing has been fantastic in ensuring a smooth transition for both us and our clients.”

“We are very proud to add Intelex, Ltd. to our growing list of professional services firms,” said Andrea Scaccianoce, General Manager for the business center. “It is important to us that we attract and retain companies that we know will be with us for years to come, and Intelex certainly fits within that model.”

The company’s consultancy service was established in 1992 and has been providing its business intelligence and research services, in the form of knowledge management and risk mitigation, to top-tier investment banks, venture funds, hedge funds, funds of funds, Fortune 500 companies and governments worldwide. In 2009, in response to a growing need from its capital markets clientele, Intelex established Intelex Investigative Services, a licensed and bonded full-service private investigative firm. This year they are expanding that group by offering their first-in class investigative services to the legal community.

“I’m very excited to announce the expansion of the Investigative Services Group. Even though we are a national firm with a global reach into over thirty countries, we still strive to be a force for good within the local community,” said Mr. Cherry.

The Investigative Services Group is headed up by Intelex’s Lead Investigator and Behavioral Sciences Specialist, Marcela Slavikova. Ms. Slavikova graduated Summa Cum Laude from a combined BA/MA program in Forensic Psychology from John Jay College of Criminal Justice. Ms. Slavikova has a second Master’s degree in Criminal Justice, with a dual specialization in Criminology and Investigative Techniques.

Ms. Slavikova has presented her research at local and international conferences and is currently preparing a number of presentations for members of the Connecticut Bar.