These Resume Screening Tips Can Help You Find Great Job Candidates

Qualified job candidates can be hard to find, especially in fields with specialized educational or technical demands. When you’ve got a massive pile of resumes in front of you, it can be tough to sift through them to find the right people. That’s why we’ve put together a few actionable resume-screening tips to help you find great job candidates:

Write the Right Job Description

To avoid attracting a huge pool of unqualified candidates, be very specific in your job description. How many years of work experience do you prefer? Which precise skills and education are required? The more specific you are, the more candidates with relevant experience you’ll attract.

Beware of Disorganized Resumes

If a resume looks like it was thrown together in a few minutes, has a sloppy layout or is difficult to follow, it may indicate that the candidate is disorganized in other ways as well.

Buzzwords Don’t Tell the Whole Story

Some candidates will stuff their resumes with industry buzzwords, but be careful to look beyond the jargon. If buzzwords are spread out across a resume and used in the context of past experience and specific skills, that’s a good sign. A cluster or list of buzzwords? Not so much.

Look for Tangible Data

Does a candidate claim to have raised revenue and expanded a company’s customer base? The best candidates will give specific numbers to show the extent of their impact.

Ask for Cover Letters

Cover letters can offer insights into a potential employee that go beyond a list of skills and experience. In a well-crafted cover letter, you’ll gain a better sense of a candidate’s personality and goals.

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