Although the anticipated success surrounding a merger, acquisition or equity offering is usually high, the results are often less than expected. Estimates of failure rates for acquisitions range from fifty to eighty percent. By utilizing Intelex’s Pre-Deal Intelligence Reports, you are better able to understand the target, as well as the environment in which it operates, thereby reducing risk and increasing your rate of success.

Intelex offers a full range of client services designed to augment your existing acquisition and investment efforts. The thoroughness of our process will ensure you won’t be missing opportunities you tried to find and couldn’t, and the depth of our due diligence research helps you from acquiring a company that you shouldn’t.

The professionals at Intelex work with you, side by side, as a partner, as if it were our money and future on the line. We strive to anticipate your expectations and to provide you with multiple, value-added services that parallel your short and long-term objectives.