Risk assurance is a multi-layered approach whereby internal processes are developed to create a “checks and balances” system. These checks predominantly identify differences between risk appetite and real risk. Risk assurance services help companies to do business with confidence by identifying, measuring and managing risk more effectively. Intelex services are integrated to provide solutions that create synergy across your organization. Change is constant, and the risk landscape will continue to evolve rapidly.

When investing in a company, you are doing much more than investing in a technology or concept. You are investing in the management team’s ability to turn that technology or concept into a profitable business venture. By gaining a clear and unbiased understanding of the management team, you can study and evaluate key issues necessary to forecast the team’s ability to succeed. While our reports will uncover Non-Disclosure of Material Facts, Resume Fraud, Criminal & Civil Litigation, Judgments & Liens, Bankruptcies, Corporate Affiliations, Comprehensive Media Research, Conflicts of Interest, Survey of Past Allegations, Lifestyle Assessments, and more, our clients choose us not for what we look for, but for how we look. We understand that Procedural Risk and Reputational Risk can be far more costly that Subject Risk. As such, our process ensures that you’re protected on all fronts.
Intelex’s large network of researchers, analysts and professional investigators, which extends to every major financial and business center in the world, can provide investigative due diligence, business intelligence, and background information, domestically and internationally, on virtually any business entity, organization and business sector. Only by conducting extensive inquiries beforehand can a company ensure it is making the right business decision. In some instances, Intelex will uncover information which will cause you to walk away from a pending transaction. Other times, the information provided will help you to structure a more appropriate deal or negotiate a transaction more effectively. Usually, Intelex will provide you with the information necessary to complete the transaction with confidence.

Integrated use of these reports not only frees up your staff so they can focus on the business of making investments, they also provide a level of professional due diligence that limits your liability, provides you with an objective third-party view of a target company and helps keep your professional reputation secure.
Just as leaders of nations turn to intelligence services in order to understand their adversaries, so must leaders of industry. Intelex is a premier intelligence service for commercial concerns and works to keep you informed regardless of variations in strategic planning. In today’s business environment, information is a critical resource, but it is so abundant that companies who do not gather, analyze and utilize it properly are increasingly at a disadvantage. At Intelex, our consultants are experts not only at using state-of-the-art technology and sophisticated techniques to gather raw data but more importantly at helping our clients to analyze the information and turn it into usable intelligence.

Companies that are not using all of their available resources to help evaluate their competitors, strengths and weaknesses, product lines, and assess their markets, are at risk of falling behind the competition. Intelex can help companies to understand what information they need, from where it may be obtained, set up an appropriate information flow system, and show them how to turn raw data into actionable intelligence. Once your concerns have been identified, a research solution is crafted to your individual needs, time frame and budget. Information is then gathered, analyzed and presented in a manner consistent with your goals.