Bank Employees Keep Accidentally Leaking Sensitive Data

In order to prevent sensitive data from falling into the wrong hands, many large banks install sophisticated software and take as many preventative steps as possible to keep cyber criminals out of and away from their banking systems. But despite these efforts, a 2016 IBM report found that data breaches involving businesses in the financial… Read more »

Due Diligence: The Critical First Step for Angel Investors

Introduction Every investor should be aware of the necessary role that due diligence plays in the investment screening process. Most institutional investors have embraced the due diligence process and in most cases have made advanced due diligence practices a matter of policy. Unfortunately, most angel investors shortchange the process either because of a perceived lack… Read more »

Third-Party Management Due Diligence: Back to Basics

Over the last two to three years, for reasons with which we are all familiar, investors and professional service providers have been “getting religion” when it comes to going back to basics with respect to due diligence, particularly management due diligence. Thorough management due diligence in this post-bubble era is critical to not only avoid… Read more »

Intelex, Ltd. Announces New Office in Stamford, CT

Expanding into a new office and new market space at Stamford Landing. Stamford, September 10, 2012: Intelex, Ltd., a leading investigative due diligence and business intelligence firm, has expanded its base of operations with new office space at the Stamford Landing. “We were looking not simply for a new office, but for a facility that… Read more »

Terrorist Acts Will Trigger Security Overhaul

Air travel in the wake of Tuesday’s terrorist acts against New York’s World Trade Center and the Pentagon in Arlington, Va., has brought to the forefront failures in the airline and airport security systems that include underpaid, undertrained security personnel, facilities that are tough to monitor and numerous openings for someone to take on the… Read more »

Intelex, Ltd., Announces a Program for Discounted Background Investigative Services for Limited Partners and Clients of Atlantic~Pacific Capital

STAMFORD, Conn.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Intelex, Ltd. a leading provider of business intelligence and investigative services, announced it will offer a new cost-effective product line tailored to limited partners investing in private equity. Intelex’s new program provides investors reduced pricing on comprehensive background information regarding general partners, entrepreneurs, corporations and other entities seeking financing. Matthew Cherry, President of… Read more »

Every Step You Take, LPs Will Be Watching You

By Tom Stein, January 1, 2003 People have been fudging their resumes for years, even though it can lead to embarrassment. Well, here’s a reason to make sure that your resume is 100% accurate: It may be scrutinized by an ex-cop hired by a potential limited partner when you go out to raise your next… Read more »

Investors tougher on big VC firms

By Sarah Lacy, Pg. 1 Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers won’t invest all of its 10th fund. Accel Partners will split its $1.4 billion fund into two sequential funds, charging management fees on only one-half at a time. Charles River Ventures now has four fewer general partners — leaving only one in its Sand Hill… Read more »

Bottom of the Pile

By Vicky Meek, September 4, 2002 Predictions of a mass consolidation in the private equity market might lead some to assume that there will be a clear-out of all the market’s worst performers. Some bottom quartile funds will certainly disappear from the scene; others, however, are likely to be more enduring. Ask any investor what… Read more »

From Boom…

SILICON VALLEY’S VENTURE CAPITALISTS HAVE TRADED IN THEIR SOAPBOX-DERBY DUELING FOR AN EVEN BIGGER TEST: HELPING THEIR PORTFOLIO COMPANIES SURVIVE By Chris Gaither, Globe Staff, Pg. D11   MENLO PARK, Calif. – Once a year during the height of the Internet run-up, venture capitalists would nestle into custom built soapbox derby cars here and zip… Read more »