Business Intelligence: The Foundation for Embedded Analytics

With all the detailed information on customers, competitors and business operations that’s being gathered today, companies look to analytics to provide insights into this data. This demand for efficient ways to provide understandable and actionable information has contributed to the development of new software platforms that offer “embedded analytics” to their users. These offerings claim to help employees at every level of an organization make informed decisions based on targeted data analysis.

But what is embedded analytics and how is it different than traditional business intelligence?

From a 10,000 foot perspective, business intelligence is the long view of data that helps inform managerial decisions. The view is informed by a company’s long-term strategy using technical analysis. The key here is that business intelligence is often a stand-alone tool for managers and executives that is viewed periodically – once a day, once a week or even less.

Embedded analytics, on the other hand, utilizes data analysis to provide fast insights to users across a company.

It provides relevant analysis for frequent interaction. It can also utilize that information to provide guidance for improved workflow efficiency and effectiveness. The key here is that embedded analytics appear inside a software that a user is already interfacing with regularly. The user can often find data relevant to their function through data customization. However, the kernel of the analysis is still often from the strategy established by business intelligence.

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