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Utilizing Market Intelligence to Stay Ahead of Competition

Market intelligence is the extroverted partner to business intelligence. Internal indicators about the health of a company’s operations comprise the realm of business intelligence. This may focus on things like aggregate numbers of consumers, active products and product lines, shipment quantities, daily, monthly or yearly sales volumes, supply chains and other business transactions. On the… Read more »

Business Intelligence: The Foundation for Embedded Analytics

With all the detailed information on customers, competitors and business operations that’s being gathered today, companies look to analytics to provide insights into this data. This demand for efficient ways to provide understandable and actionable information has contributed to the development of new software platforms that offer “embedded analytics” to their users. These offerings claim… Read more »

An Explanation of 5 Business Intelligence Buzzwords

Identifying the best business intelligence solution can be hard enough without having to decipher unfamiliar jargon. To help you out, here’s an explanation of five common business intelligence buzzwords: Business Intelligence Let’s start with the basics. You can’t find the right business intelligence solution without fully understanding what the term means. Basically, business intelligence refers… Read more »

Study Finds Business Intelligence Can Boost Sales Revenue

Technology research firm IQBlade recently released their 2019 report that evaluates how UK companies utilize technology to maintain a competitive edge. The report titled Tech Impact ’19: How Technology is Used by the UK’s Fastest Growing Businesses, identified a correlation between companies that leverage business intelligence and those that report higher sales revenue. Companies that… Read more »