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An Introduction to the Different Types of Due Diligence

The term due diligence broadly refers to all the research done to ensure a deal is legitimate, but there can be many different types of due diligence for different kinds of businesses. Types of Due Diligence Legal One of the most important and most common types of due diligence, legal due diligence examines and reviews… Read more »

Cybersecurity Issues Increase Due Diligence Complexity

In 2016, Yahoo! sold its core business to Verizon for $4.8 billion. This was a far cry from Yahoo!’s peak valuation of about $125 billion, but the final buyout value included a $350 million markdown due to the discovery of a Yahoo! data breach prior to the deal. This last-minute markdown was the final blow… Read more »

Do You Know Who You’re Investing In?

With so many tech startups and innovative small businesses entering the market these days, this is an exciting time to be an entrepreneur. Savvy investors have made small fortunes by investing wisely in up-and-coming businesses with big ideas and talented teams of budding executives. But for every one of these success stories, you can find… Read more »