5 Types of Employee Misconduct

Employee misconduct should never be treated lightly. Yet, many companies do a poor job of both handling employee misconduct and preventing it. This is largely because both employers and employees do not understand or are unaware of the different types of employee misconduct.

Theft and fraud

Theft and fraud are some of the most severe types of employee misconduct. If an employee steals money from the company, for instance, then this is definitely theft. However, it can also include stealing office property, merchandise, stock, or stealing from co-workers and customers. Fraud, on the other hand, can include obtaining or disclosing confidential information or making fraudulent expenses/claims.

Offensive behavior

Offensive behavior can occur between employers and employees, employees and customers, or between co-workers. The term “offensive behavior” includes all of the following:

  • Harassment
  • Bullying
  • Fighting (verbal and physical)
  • Aggressive or intimidating behavior
  • Threats of violence
  • Discrimination

Breach of safety protocol

This occurs when an employee commits a serious breach of a workplace’s heath and safety rules, causing a potentially dangerous situation for the other workers. A few examples of this can include dangerous driving on a work site, refusing to wear protective gear, or failing to lock up prescription medication.

Damage to Property

Accidents happen, but if an employee purposely causes damage or gross negligence to a company’s property, then this can be grounds for dismissal.

Drug and/or alcohol use

Any type of excessive drug or alcohol use on company property is considered employee misconduct. This includes buying or selling drugs, incapacitation as a result of drug or alcohol abuse, or simply the possession of drugs or alcohol while at work.

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