Every year hundreds of companies fail, many with a viable and potentially profitable business plan. Much of the time the blame falls on undercapitalization. However, for companies which receive financing, this usually has less to do with the amount of capital, than it does with the company’s ability to manage it.

When investing in a company, you are doing much more than investing in a technology or concept. You are investing in the management team’s ability to turn that technology or concept into a profitable business venture.

By gaining a clear and unbiased understanding of the management team, you can study and evaluate key issues necessary to forecast the team’s ability to succeed. Areas examined by Intelex include, but are not limited to: Non-Disclosure of Material Facts, Total Resume Verification, Financial Review, Criminal & Civil Litigation, Judgments & Liens, Bankruptcies, Corporate Affiliations, Comprehensive Media Research, Conflicts of Interest, Survey of Past Allegations, Lifestyle Assessments, and In-Depth Interviews.